Company  CIZION inc.

[ Overview ]
Company Name : CIZION inc. (S.Korea)

We established CIZION on Jan. 5th, 2009
We make a Social Reply Platform, LiveRe™
Business Model : Social Search, Real-time Analysis, License Fee
Team Member : 11 (Professionals in the field of Communication)

[ Vision & Mission ]
Vision: World where Human communicate with Society and Nature.
Mission: Less malicious comments, More good comments

[ Background ]

We believe more communication makes people happier. In Korea, we've needed more conversationo, because we have lots of conflict between political groups, religions, employer & employees, the rich & the poor and finally this fight has been erupted on the online. 

Lots of people as well as celebrities got hurt and even killed themselves. We saw this tragedy and hoped to solve this problem as entrepreneurs and make the system which grab both social value and economic value. 

We gathered 1,000$ by private tutoring and bought 3 computers. At first, we made an online debate database for the professors and got 800$. Now we're making about 5 Million $ contract size. We got a gold medal at Yonsei Idea Competition and Social Venture Competition Awards. 

 Our Service  LiveRe™

LiveRe means 'Live Reply' ; The next generation of Reply & Comment System.
It's changing the way to share your content and promote your site. You can experience live reply & reaction. You can quickly embed LiveRe on your website, blog and shopping mall. Turn your static webpages into a real-time stream of Twitter, Facebook, Google Friends and your country’s SNS and Connect your Website & Mobile & TV

Customer : Over 30 Top Media in South Korea (Joongang Daily, MK, HK, ZDnet etc.),
50 Promising Companies; SAMSUNG, LG, Kolon, SERI, HEAD, GS Shop, Olleh KT,
Good Comments Movement Foundation, TEDxSites, Congressmen's Website & Blog,
Government’s Websites, Shoppingmall & Social Commerce

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